Building Agile Organizations
Building Agile Organizations
Solutions Customized for Culture, Exigency and Business Readiness

Among those with whom Irene has partnered are ...

  • Chairman and CEO, Mark Ascolese, Power Analytics Corporation  (Power Analytics Corporation provides electrical infrastructure software for all vertical markets and Smart Grid applications.

  • CEO, Steve Dmiswicki, OnTarget Group  (OnTarget Group, leading provider of Russian offshore software development.

  • President, CEO and Director, Tom Gutierrez, GT Advanced Technologies  (GT Advanced Technologies provides equipment and services that support the growth of the solar and LED industries.

  • Secretary, General Counsel and VP HR, Robert Spence, Neenah Enterprises, Inc.  (Neenah Enterprises, Inc, national leader in producing quality castings and manufactured industrial products.

  • CEO, Dan Squiller, PowerGenics  (PowerGenics, developer and manufacturer of nickel zinc rechargeable batteries.