Building Agile Organizations
Building Agile Organizations
Solutions Customized for Culture, Exigency and Business Readiness

Start-Ups / Emerging Companies

Supplement internal resources with expertise as needed, when needed, to answer questions such as:

  • Compensation:  Am I paying my people right? (Am I being paid right?)
  • Hiring:
    • Should I hire another employee now?  What if we wait?
    • Should we hire one superstar or two strong contributors?
    • How much should it cost? How long should it take? Whom should we use?
    • We need to hire outside the U.S.  What do we need to know?
  • Team Effectiveness:
    • He's great ... but no one wants to work with him.  What should we do?
    • Meetings waste too much time, what's going on?
    • How can we get the Americans, Chinese and Italians working better together?
  • Development and Succession:
    • Everybody likes him but the job has just outgrown him.  What should we do?
    • She seemed great when we hired her 3 months ago.  But she just doesn't seem to fit in.  How do we handle this?
  • Managing Up, Across and Down:
    • How do I get them to understand what I'm trying to do?
    • We use to be friends, now we just argue.  How do we get back on track?
    • They come to me with everything.  I don't have time for it anymore.  How do I get them to decide for themselves?